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My name is Claire Rigby and I am a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher who enjoys teaching a range of classes including work based lunchtime classes, “chair” yoga for the less mobile and meditation groups. I have been practising yoga for over twenty years and teaching for five.


I strongly believe that yoga can be practiced by anyone regardless of age
or fitness level.


As a singer in a local community choir, I love the feeling of creating beautiful harmonies with other people. At yoga4harmony my aim is to reproduce that sense of wellbeing by bringing balance and harmony to body, breath and mind. From my own yoga practice I know that when we achieve harmony for and within ourselves we are better able to cope with and enjoy the day to day challenges of life.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be away from 12th – 26th September. You are welcome to contact me during that time but may have to wait until I return for a response.

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