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The aim of all my classes is to work with individuals to create a practice appropriate for them. The main ways I achieve this are:


  Acknowledging that everybody is different and will practice at different

   speeds, levels of flexibility and fitness.


  Recognising that yoga is non-competitive.


  Creating a supportive and non-judgemental classroom atmosphere.


  Having clear aims and objectives for each class.


  Using a variety of teaching techniques including instruction, demonstration,

   discussion, feedback and evaluation.


  Teaching the importance of suitable warm-up and counterposture.


  Emphasising the importance of the breath, movement, stillness and focus.


  Following the “viniyoga” approach to yoga as taught by T.K.V Desikachar

   and his father, Krishnamacharya.


  Encouraging students to enjoy the class and experience an appropriate

   balance of effort, fun, rest and relaxation.

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