Contact: 07527856069

Monday 7.45pm – 9.00pm Yoga for health and relaxation. 
Churchdown Methodist Church, Chapel Hay Lane,
Churchdown, GL3 2ET


This class is suitable for adults of all ages and abilities whether or not you have practiced
yoga before. The main part of the class consists of gentle movement and also stillness within postures (asana) to encourage strength, flexibility and fitness in the body and also calmness
of breath and mind. There is also a breathing practice (pranayama) and a short relaxation.
The class ends with either a short seated meditation or a longer relaxation (yoga nidra).


£42 for 6 weeks when paid in advance or £9 for individual sessions.

Please e-mail for details of term dates or leave a message on my mobile and
I will get back to you.




Wednesday 11.00am – 12.00am Gentle Yoga and Relaxation for
over 60s and those suffering from a chronic illness.

Witcombe and Bentham village hall, Pillcroft Road,
Witcombe GL3 4TB


This class class runs fortnightly and on a donation basis with a suggested donation depending on numbers. It consists of chair based gentle stretching, movement and breathwork and
always finishes with a long relaxation (yoga nidra).


Please contact me by phone or e-mail for further information or dates of classes.


Mobile 07527856069